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Art Glass Installations

Art glass is commonly used to accent the decor in kitchens and bathrooms. The color fixing GlassKote process is our method of choice to create the opaque colored glass found in these backsplashes. Glass can also be frosted, stained, etched and much, much more.

Colored Backsplashes

A light green kitchen backsplash:

Art Glass
Kitchen Backsplash (Private Residence, CA)

Frosted Glass

An example of frosted, colored and bottom-lit art glass that also functions as a staircase railing:

Art Glass
Frosted, Colored and Bottom Lit Glass Staircase Railing (Private Residence, CA)

Slumped Glass

This is a functional art glass installation that also functions as an office partition. We used slumped glass from our vendor, Ultraglas.com:

Art Glass
Slumped Art Glass Office Partition (Office, CA)