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We have gathered some of the most commonly asked questions by prospective customers and clients over the years. If you don't see your question answered below please give us a call at 510-843-3334 or email info@wilsonglass.com so that we can help you.


Do you have installers in other areas?

No. Problems of insurance, quality assurance, guarantees, warranties and so forth make it impractical. We have tried to arrange for installation a few times and it didn’t work out. Sorry.

Where are you located?

Our physical glass shop is located at 1035 Murray Street in Berkeley, California (see map). We’re open on weekdays from 8AM – 4:30PM and on Saturdays by appointment. Drop bys are always welcome.

Shower Doors

What stops the door in the closed position?

There are springs inside the hinges and pivots that close the door to 90 degrees. If the door is open more than about 20 degrees it stays open. The door swings both ways unless a vinyl strike is applied (deployed).

Do I have to drill the holes in the glass myself?

No. The holes and notches all have to be drilled and cut before the glass is tempered. Most of the Tempering Plants we use have the latest CNC diamond sawing, drilling and edging machines.

Can the shower door glass be trimmed?

No, you cannot cut shower door glass. It will shatter.

Do you sell cheaper American Style shower doors?

Yes we do. But only for local customers. It is impractical to ship American style, inexpensive versions mainly because they are generally available in your area at good prices. Note that most people feel the heavy glass kits that we sell are easier to install than the American style with all those aluminum rails waiting to corrode.

The American style showers that we sell are Contractor’s Wardrobe Brand.

What can I do to stop if I notice the glass beginning to slip over time?

If the door glass seems to be slipping, this can be caused by a few things:

  • If you are using Vienna Hinges with 3/8″ glass, the removable pins are often a little too long. They prevent the plate from clamping down tightly on the glass. They are unnecessary. Remove them. Only Vienna hinges have removable pins.
  • If you have three hinges (and sometimes even with two), if the wall is bowed, the pivots pins of the three hinges will not line up. So the glass has to slip in one of the hinges when it is opened. Eventually it walks on down to the curb. Solution: Put a little block of plastic between glass and hinge body. It will be covered by the plate and it will not allow the glass to slip.
  • It is also possible you used the wrong gaskets. The thin gaskets are for thick (1/2″) glass and the thick gaskets are for thin (3/8″) glass. Check to make sure which ones you have. Replacement gaskets are available.

Can your shower doors be installed on Fiberglass shower units?

Yes, but it is best if you back up the fiberglass with some 2×4’s. If that is not possible and the fiberglass is not very sturdy, then you can use a header across the top and pivots, instead of hinges. This keeps the weight of the door off the walls.