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How To Install

Instructions and tips for installing Heavy Glass and Neo Angle showers. We are happy to answer questions if you purchased a complete system through us and need help with installation.

How To Install Heavy Glass Shower Doors

An common Urban myth is that heavy glass shower doors are way too difficult for the non-professional to install. It turns out that the installation is actually simple. There are just a few tricks and warnings you need to know. If you have drilled holes in tile and used a level before, then you have an excellent chance of success, without calling a professional. Many times your contractor will do this for you.

Wilson Glass doesn’t just sell the parts and then abandon the customer. We are happy to answer questions. Aric will even give you his cell phone number when you order a complete system. And, if we’re installing for you, trust in the fact that our glaziers are on a level above the competition.

Install a single door

Measure an opening for a single door

The key to an easy installation is the measuring

Install door and end panel with mini brackets

Install side panels with u-channel and bracket

Install door/panel/end panel with bolt-through-the-glass brackets

How to silicone the corner

How to reverse the hinge pin

What to do if the glass slips inside the hinge

How To Install Neo Angle Showers

Headerless Neo Angles are the latest thing. These require a lot more thought and care and time. If the angles are not at 135° (aka 45°) we can sometimes accommodate that too.

Measuring the Neo Angle opening

Neo Angles are forgiving in the measuring department

Install Neo Angle shower

Neo Angles with Kneewalls

Neo Angle showers with headers

Neo Angle showers with full height side panels

Neo Angle showers with no header