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Glass Railings & Awnings

The Bay Area is full of amazing views! We can help you maximize your view with glass railings, windscreens, awnings, even flooring, stairs and glass deck systems. Glass is a fantastic option in minimalist architecture and creates an spacious environment. Glass railings provide safety and decorative appeal to balconies, patios, staircases and other areas of your home or office. Likewise, outdoor awnings can add privacy and protection from the elements. The fabrication and installation of all custom railing and awning projects requires due consideration of functionality, durability and aesthetics. If you can dream it, we can make it!

Glass Railings

Please note current building codes require a cap rail on all railings.


Click for more information on the Blu Homes 2012 Idea House in Healdsburg, CA.

Exterior Glass Railing
Exterior Railing with 3/4 Glass (Blu Homes 2012 Sunset Idea House, Healdsburg, CA)

Learn more about glass flooring and stairs.

Indoor Multi-Level Glass Staircase Railings

Continuous Glass Railing Staircase
Continuous Glass Railing Staircase with Stainless Steel Handrail & Base Shoe (Private Residence, San Francisco, CA)

Continuous Glass Railing Staircase

Staircase Railing Mounted on Standoffs
Staircase Railing Mounted on Standoffs to Steel Stringer with Stainless Handrail (Private Residence, San Francisco, CA)

Base Shoe Railing with Square Caprail

This railing is a simple example of the most common exterior configuration that we install.

Base Shoe Railing with Square Caprail
Base Shoe Railing with Square Caprail (Private Residence, Oakland, CA)

Base Shoe Systems

The top and bottom deck are mounted with a base shoe system. The middle level deck is mounted with standoff brackets. All three decks have a square stainless cap rail.

Base Shoe Glass Railing Systems
Base Shoe Glass Railing Systems on Two Stories (Private Residence, Berkeley, CA)

Bent Glass Railing

For this railing, Wilson Glass bent the cap rails to match the deck and custom made the stainless posts.

Bent Glass Railing
Bent Cap Rails and Custom Made Stainless Posts (Private Residence, San Francisco, CA)

Multi-Level Glass Railing

Multi-level railing with steel posts, glass mounted handrail and staircase pieces that extend to the floor below.  Nussbaum-Puck, for Campoamor Architects.

Multi-level Glass Railing
Multi-level Glass Railing with Glass-Mounted Handrail

Glass Railing Installation

Custom Handrails

Custom Stainless Steel Handrails and Glass Railing

Custom Stainless Steel Handrails
Custom Stainless Steel Handrails
Glass Railing Installation
Custom Stainless Steel Handrails & Glass Railing

Outdoor Awnings


Two beautiful outdoor awning setups with Tempered Laminate Glass Mounted with Spider Fittings.

Outdoor Glass Awnings
Outdoor Glass Awnings (Private Residence, Sausalito, CA)

Outdoor Glass Awning