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Designing with Glass

Wilson Glass Co. Inc is a locally owned and operated glass shop in Berkeley, California. In addition to custom fabrication and installation we offer retail items for sale in our full service glass shop.

Glass creates open, light filled spaces.  Its’s ease of care and aesthetic nature make it an essential addition to minimalist spaces.



The unique design of Terry and Terry Architecture creates a feeling of floating above the trees while cooking.  It also doubles as a backsplash.






Using a glass deck system allows light to penetrate the lower floor.

In this same installation, the mirror was brought all the way to the vanity.  This creates clean simple lines by eliminating the need for a separate backsplash.  The design goes one step further by mounting the faucets in the wall, through the mirror.  It is not oly elegant, but makes the vanity easier to clean and cuts down on counter clutter.  The shower further opens the space by using low iron glass, eliminating the greenish tint in standard clear glass.

This enclosure eliminates the use of a towel bar or pull by using a cut-out instead.


In this istallation, glass was used to maximize the natural light brought in through the skylight.  The tall ceiling provided ample space for glass partitions.  The interior glass floor further permits light to the lower level.




By using a mirror, light is further reflected downward.




Glass railings open up indoor and outdoor spaces.

Base shoe system eliminates the need for posts.


Posts are used to extend the glass into an invisible wind screen.



This post creates an organic ethereal feeling

while allowing water to easily drain.




Mirrors have an expansive effect.


Not just for indoors, this mirrored fence makes the yard appear much larger and open.

Glass breakfast bars keep the kitchen open.

No more cleaning grout with with a glass backsplash.

Glass shelves create more space while allowing light to pass through.

Glass awnings are perfect for keeping the elements out and letting the light in.