Terms & Exclusions


Wilson Glass Guarantee
Wilson Glass Company, Inc.(WGC) provides a one year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Materials are subject to manufacturer warranty. Warranty is not valid if we did not perform the measure, provide all materials or work area was altered after measure.  Repairs or alterations to items installed by Wilson Glass performed by anyone other than Wilson Glass, or if affixed structures and surfaces have been altered, the warranty is void.

Glass breakage of any cause is never covered under warranty. Seismic activity or shifting is not covered.

The determination as to whether the warranty is applicable, as well as the scope shall be made by WGC. WGC will not be liable for any indirect, punitive, consequential, exemplary or other damages of any kind, including labor costs or expenses. WGC must be given the opportunity to correct or repair any claims and reserves the option, at the discretion of WGC, to provide a refund on a claim in lieu of correction. WGC may also hire someone else to perform part or all of the necessary correction.

As a prior condition to any obligation of WGC, the purchaser must have no outstanding balance.

If for any reason purchaser feels there is a problem or any repairs are required, purchaser agrees to immediately discontinue use and contact Wilson glass for assistance.

All warranty claims must be made in writing.


Prices are valid for 30 days.  Estimates for installation are not binding unless Wilson Glass has performed an on site inspection and final measure.  These preliminary estimates are intended for budgetary purposes only.  Upon acceptance of a quote, materials not ready to be ordered within 30 days may be subject to a price increase.

Payment Terms

Orders will not be processed until payment is received.
Will call-Payment is due in full, at the time of order.
Installation- Half of the total amount is due upon acceptance.  Progress payments are due monthly for work performed or materials delivered to the job site.  Balance due upon completion.  The same card used for deposit will be charged the remaining balance upon completion.  If paying by check, please give a check to our installers the day of completion. Payment for completed portions of a job may not be withheld while other portions are in progress.  Late fees & returned payment fees apply.  Purchaser agrees to pay all collection costs, including attorney’s fee for the collection of any outstanding balances.  In the event of an issue, no more than 10% of the cost of the portion in question may be withheld until a resolution is met.

Cancellations or Refunds

Every piece of glass is custom made for the purchaser only and cannot be used in any other opening.  There are absolutely no cancellations or refunds once ordered.  The purchaser is obligated to receive their custom made item, delivery or disposal fees may apply.  Non-custom hardware orders may be cancelled or returned and are subject to a 20% restocking fee.  Labor not performed, may be cancelled up to one full business day before the work is to be performed.  After this period, a $100 cancellation fee will be charged.


All lead times are approximate and are never guaranteed.  Installations will not be scheduled until all materials are received and inspected by WGC.  Any tentative install dates are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.   Our goal is to complete every job as quickly as possible.  WGC is not liable for any delays due to 3rd party carriers, lost or damaged shipments, acts of God, weather, machinery downtime, loss of communications, out of stock items, or any other unforeseen event beyond our control. We will do our best to notify the purchaser of any delays. 

If the purchaser delays installation or delivery of materials received by WGC for a period longer than 10 days, the purchaser will be responsible to pay a storage fee of $25.00 per day until goods are installed or delivered.  If WGC arrives to an appointment and the purchaser or representative fails to appear at the scheduled time or is not ready for measurements or installation the purchaser will be charged $150.00 for restocking and/or rescheduling.


Structural Issues

Wilson Glass is a glazing contractor and does not perform structural alterations or repairs. Any issues relating to structural problems are not the responsibility of Wilson Glass. Please consult your general contractor. The purchaser agrees to pay for any additional labor or site visits performed by WGC to allow others to make structural alterations or repairs. WGC may advise as to the exact location and weight of an installation. WGC reserves the right to refuse to complete an installation if we deem the area structurally unsound. Structural concerns may not become apparent until WGC begins work. WGC assumes no liability for unforeseen conditions, such as drilling into pipes. WGC must be notified of potential problems or conditions prior to ordering. The contractor and/or property owner assumes full responsibility for structural integrity and mounting surfaces where any proposed work shall be performed by WGC.

Surface Materials

Glass cannot conform to uneven surfaces such as bellies & bows. This may be the result of shifting and settling over time or poor construction & workmanship. Customer assumes full responsibility for mounting surfaces and recognizes glass may not conform to surface imperfections. WGC is not responsible for surface damage resulting from normal drilling and installation procedures.


The purpose of a shower enclosure is to deflect water, not contain it. We do everything within our power to make showers as water tight as possible. Leaking issues due to structural issues, for example a curb that slopes outward, are not the responsibility of Wilson Glass. Operable tub screens are prone to water escaping. Design flaws, such as water spraying directly onto the enclosure, are not the responsibility of Wilson Glass.  Spraying water directly onto an enclosure is not a valid method to determine water tightness.  Incorrectly pitched sills may drain water onto the outside floor or cause water damage.  This is a structural issue that cannot be compensated for in the design of an enclosure.  These issues are outside of the scope of WGC and as such we cannot guarantee waterproofing.  We will do our best to troubleshoot.  Well-designed, correctly built stalls following quality construction will eliminate most of the above problems.

Scratches and Blemishes

Wilson Glass adheres to industry standards for glass imperfections.  Small hair like scratches and specks are common and acceptable.  As federally mandated, glass imperfections are acceptable if they are not visible when viewed in diffuse natural light, with glass positioned perpendicular at 3 meters’ distance.  They may be up to 3 inches in size, or more if not within the normal viewing area.  Criterion is based upon ASTM C 1036-06 Standard Specification for Flat Glass.

All defects in the glass or hardware must be acknowledged in writing within 24 hours of receiving materials.   Purchaser must email photos of said defects to WGC.  The remaking of any glass due to normal blemishes or tolerances will be solely at the discretion of Wilson Glass and based on industry standards.

Oversized Items

Customer assumes responsibility for any property damage that may occur during delivery and installation of oversized materials.  This includes but is not limited to damage to drywall, paint, stairwells, flooring and other surfaces.

Glass Flex

Glass flex or “wobble” is normal, unavoidable and acceptable. ¼” flex in either direction under normal usage is acceptable. Any amount of flex is acceptable if customer declines a bracket for bracing a or support bar or submits a design without support. Frameless applications are more prone to flex.


All shower units require holes to be drilled in surface materials such as tile, marble or granite. In some cases the notching of bull nose or decorative border tile is necessary.   Drilling into cast iron or fiberglass tubs may occasionally be required in order to safely secure a unit.Due to the nature of glass tile, it is particularly prone to breakage.  We recommend drilling through grout lines.  Glass tiles, as well as porcelain, ceramic and stone, will on occasion crack while drilling.  Wilson Glass is not responsible for any damages to tile that may occur due to normal drilling.   The purchaser assumes responsibility for any tile or surface damage that may result from the removal of an existing unit or upon installation of a new unit.

Tempered Glass

Tempered logos or bugs are standard on all tempered glass.  They may appear in any corner of the glass.   The purchaser may opt out of including a tempered logo prior to ordering, in writing.  However, installed glass may not pass code if the tempered logo is not included.

Wilson Glass is not liable for spontaneous breakage of tempered glass. (This is rare and should not keep you up at night.)


Vinyl is prone to natural wear and tear and will need replacement several times during the lifetime of the enclosure.  The purchaser assumes responsibility for replacement.  The inclusion of vinyl is standard on frameless enclosures.  The purchaser may opt out.  However, this will affect glass size and cannot be modified after manufacture.  Return trips to install vinyl incur a minimum charge of $150 plus the cost of vinyl.


Moisture and caustic cleaning products, such as those containing amonia, will cause damage (black edges) to mirrors. Wilson Glass is not liable for resulting damage.

Dimensions & Fit

Industry standard cutting tolerance level is ⅛ inch.  Glass sizes may vary plus (+) or minus (-) up to 1/8″ with gaps around perimeters up to ⅜ inch.  Any remakes of glass within these acceptable tolerances will be at the cost of the purchaser and cannot be guaranteed to be under the tolerance.

All additional manufacturing, labor and material costs arising from structural alterations performed after final measurements have been taken are the responsibility of the purchaser.

If measurements are not made by Wilson Glass, the customer assumes full responsibility for size and fit.  Please read your quote carefully before ordering to ensure sizes are correct.

Laminated Glass

The edges of standard laminated glass cannot be exposed to moisture. Exposed edges void the warranty. Ask about a stronger interlayer if your project requires exposed edges. WGC installations factor in these guidelines.


All materials are subject to manufacturer’s warranty.

Deliveries and will call

All deliveries curbside unless otherwise noted.  White glove service must be requested and includes additional fees.  Most orders will not be packaged or cleaned as is standard for building materials.

Thank you for taking the time to read our terms.  We have these terms to make sure all of our procedures are clear, so we can all plan together accordingly.  They also help us keep our prices competitive.  Please reach out to us if you have any concerns.  We pride ourselves on always working with our customers.