How do you waterproof a curbless shower door?

Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure Curbless Shower

Waterproofing doesn't come from the shower doors. No shower door is 100% waterproof. The role of a shower doors is to prevent water from splashing outside of the enclosure and to direct water inward. It is important to hire a reputable remodeler to ensure a functional design and good execution. The slope and drainage must be precise. We also recommend a design where the shower does not directly spray the door. A proper slope must be ensured from the start to tiling. We do some waterproofing. Panels can be silicone in place and doors will have a vinyl sweep along the bottom to guide water. However, if the slope is flat or outward the shower will need to be uninstalled so the tile and floor grade can be corrected. Water splashing is not so concerning if you have installed a wet room, however you would not want pooling.