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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Compiled is a list of some commonly asked questions as well as resources for more information about our products.


Do you offer free quotes?

All of our installations are custom designed to precisely fit your space. In order to provide an accurate quote, we will need to perform a measure and site inspection. Please let us know when scheduling if you would like our technician to bring any glass or hardware samples to view. We don't send out sales reps. Once we've measured and you've chosen your glass and hardware, we'll email you a quote. You can accept, decline or ignore it. We won't bother you with pushy sales calls.

What is your service area?

We serve the entire Bay Area, from San Francisco to Concord and Santa Rosa to San Jose. Please refer to the map below. We will sometimes go outside of this area, so don't hesitate to inquire.

Do you price match?

We don't guarantee a price match. There are a few things to keep in mind when comparing quotes. First make sure all of the companies have been out to evaluate the job site and get accurate measurements, as often times the final pricing may change. Glass is a very unforgiving medium, once it's cut and tempered, it can't be modified. So we take very accurate measurements and include any outages, opening out of square, in our bid. We will note the glass and specify the hardware to be used right down to the part number. This will allow you to compare bids. If the other bids you received don't have this information, we can't do a fair comparison. Please don't hesitate to ask about a price match. We'll see what we can do to adjust our bid.

Where are you located?

Our physical glass shop is located near the corner of Ashby Ave. and San Pablo at 1035 Murray Street in Berkeley, California. We are in a red brick building. Street parking is available. Walk-ins are welcome. In the event of a pandemic, please schedule ahead. Please visit our contact page to see a map and view our opening hours.

Do you have a showroom?

Our shop has some samples of glass and hardware. We can also show you some pictures or direct you to online resources. If there is anything in particular you would like to see, please request that our estimator bring it at the time of measure. Specialty glass samples will likely need to be ordered. We've attempted to compile pictures of glass types available on our pinterest page. That's a good place to start.

Why don't you give quotes over the phone?

Accuracy. We need to make sure the product type, sizes and quantities all line up with what you've requested. Getting everything in writing allows you to double check what we've priced out. It will protect you from under-budgeting a job if there's a discrepancy. We will be bound to uphold written pricing for 30 days. Verbal quotes carry no obligation.

It can prevent delays to ordering as well. If you were to receive a quote over the phone, we would have to figure out who you talked to and what they have a record of quoting, then write it up before you can order.

Written quotes allow you to compare bids. We are transparent with our bids and always outline the materials to be used.

It may not even be possible to give you a quote over the phone. There are very few things we can quote off the top of our head. We will probably need to run some calculations or get quotes from our suppliers. It takes time. Be patient with us.

Why is there a minimum charge for each piece of glass?

When glass is made at the float plant, it is cut into uniform sizes that are then crated and shipped to fabrication facilities. The fabricators are limited to manufacturing pieces that can be cut from the stock sheet. That means if a stock sheet is 48” x 84” the longest side cannot exceed 84” and the short side must be less than 48”. Inevitably there will be scrap, waste glass referred to as offcuts.

Fabricators will typically charge for the block size of glass. So if a notch is cut from the glass, such as to accommodate a pony wall or shower bench. The square footage of the discarded cut-out will be included in the cost. Since each stock sheet, once cut, has scrap pieces and labor cost embedded into each cut. It is industry standard for manufacturers to have a 2 or 3 square foot minimum charge per piece of glass.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes, we are a retailer. As with our installations, everything is custom made just for you. That means we don't have a shop to browse or any standard offerings you can walk in and buy. Everything is sold in the typical manner of building supplies, unpackaged and not sparkling clean. Please bring moving blankets, etcetera to protect your items during transport. We recommend delivery on larger items. We have glass racks on our vehicles and use suction cups to securely carry items and prevent damage.


Do you offer delivery or shipping?

Yes, we will deliver within our service area. We offer standard curbside delivery. For curbside, be prepared to meet the driver at the truck and have enough people to move your item to its desired location. We also offer white glove delivery service. We will place and clean your item for you. Please make sure you request white glove service at the time of ordering to ensure we send enough people and schedule enough time. Fees apply. We will also ship items. Glass will need to be crated for an additional cost. In the lower 48, showers typically cost $500-$600 to ship, plus crateing.

Do you have glass installers in other areas?

No. Problems of insurance, quality assurance, guarantees, warranties and so forth make it impractical. We have tried to arrange for installation a few times and it didn’t work out. Sorry.

Do you repair shower doors?

We stand behind our work. If an issue arises within one year, we will fix it at no cost to you.* After that we may charge a maintenance fee. If we did not install your enclosure, we will not perform repairs or maintenance. This is standard practice for most glass companies. You will have better luck finding a handyperson. We may be able to find replacement parts for you.

Can you cut my glass or wine bottle?

Yes, we will cut your glass and mirror. We can't guarantee it won't break in the process though. We promise to be careful, but things happen. Not all glass can be cut, like tempered or double pane glass. We typically charge $10 per cut, but complicated cuts may cost more. We don't offer this as a walk in service, but we can usually turn it around in a day.


Do you install framed shower doors?

Yes, we do. This is a cost effective solution for rental properties and house flips. It is also what we recommend for DIY projects. The lead time can be a little shorter as well. Please visit our suppliers’ websites to see available styles.

HMI Glass

‍‍Wardrobe & Bath Specialties

‍Contractor’s Wardrobe

Do you sell scrap glass?

Yes, kind of. Sometimes we get glass in that wasn’t fabricated correctly. Often it gets returned to the manufacturer, but we usually have quite a few pieces hanging around. They won't be perfect. Almost everything is tempered, so it can’t be altered. The majority of what we have is 3/8″ clear tempered glass for showers. We will give you a deal on it, but call ahead to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to keep it out of the landfill (architectural glass isn’t recyclable.)

Do you carry glass blocks?

No, we don’t. Glass blocks aren’t as common as they once were. We haven’t been able to find a supplier. There are a lot of great alternatives, like stacked glass.

Do you carry replacement shower door parts?

If it is a frameless enclosure, we carry a lot of parts and should be able to order most anything. We carry a wide selection of replacement vinyl seals and sweeps for frameless doors. Framed enclosures are almost impossible to track down parts for. You will need to know the manufacturer of your door. The manufacturer is not the same as the tempering plant logo imprinted on the glass. We won’t be able to get a replacement part without this information unless we did the installation and can look up your order. If the framed enclosure is 10-20 years old, it is unlikely the manufacturer still carries the parts.

Do you supply awnings?

We supply glass awnings only.

Do you carry non-glare picture frame glass?

Non-glare picture frame glass can be cut to size. Either bring in your frame or provide the dimensions. Maximum size 36" X 48" Picture shows skylight in the reflection. The left side is standard glass and the right side is non-glare. You can see how the light diffuses (photo exaggerates the light reflection) Stop by and take a look! Call ahead if you need it same day to ensure stock.

Do you sell shower doors to the public?

Yes, but you are solely responsible for measurements. If it doesn’t fit, we are not responsible. We do not provide consultations. Please do your research on how to measure for showers. Frameless showers are much more difficult to install with everything lining up properly.


How much is a standard shower door?

That’s a trick question. There is no such thing as a standard door, even over a 60″ tub. There are hundreds of configurations and styles. We need a lot of details to provide an accurate quote. The best way to go about it is to schedule a free measure. If your project isn’t ready yet and you just need an idea of the cost, be prepared to answer lots of questions. We never give quotes over the phone. If you are hesitant about it, don’t worry. We don’t have an aggressive approach to sales. We have never emailed advertisements. We very rarely follow up on our quotes. We believe in being responsive, not aggressive.

Can shower door glass be trimmed?

No, all shower glass must be tempered for safety. Tempered glass cutting is not possible due to it's structure. It will shatter.

How tall should my shower door be?

The top of the shower glass or header should be at least 6″ above the bottom of the shower head.

How do you waterproof a curbless shower door?

Waterproofing doesn't come from the shower doors. No shower door is 100% waterproof. The role of a shower doors is to prevent water from splashing outside of the enclosure and to direct water inward. It is important to hire a reputable remodeler to ensure a functional design and good execution. The slope and drainage must be precise. We also recommend a design where the shower does not directly spray the door. A proper slope must be ensured from the start to tiling. We do some waterproofing. Panels can be silicone in place and doors will have a vinyl sweep along the bottom to guide water. However, if the slope is flat or outward the shower will need to be uninstalled so the tile and floor grade can be corrected. Water splashing is not so concerning if you have installed a wet room, however you would not want pooling.

Frameless Sliding Shower Enclosure Curbless Shower

Can your shower doors be installed on Fiberglass shower units?

Yes, but it is best if you back up the fiberglass with some 2×4’s. If that is not possible and the fiberglass is not very sturdy, then you can use a header across the top and pivots, instead of hinges. This keeps the weight of the door off the walls.

What stops the shower door in the closed position?

There are springs inside the hinges and pivots that close the door to 90 degrees. If the door is open more than about 20 degrees it stays open. The door swings both ways unless a vinyl strike is applied.

Is there such a thing as a frameless sliding shower door?

The short answer is no. However, there is a give and take as to how frameless you can get. If you want a double slider, where both sides can slide open, you will need both a header and a bottom sill. There is no way around that. However, you may be able to get away with no side jambs or clear side jambs. If you only need one side to slide and the other side can be a fixed panel, you have more options. You won’t need side jambs at all. You will have the option to go headerless or go without a bottom threshold. If you opt to forgo the header there will still be a bottom door guide and vice versa. Using a header in favor of foregoing the bottom sill is generally preferred for tub enclosures. Folding shower doors are a great alternative to consider.


Where can I get more information about your products?

Many of our suppliers have excellent websites that allow you see what's possible.

Pulp Studio: Highly Custom Specialty Glass Supplier

C R Laurence: Hardware Supplier (Main)

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‍‍Portals Hardware: Luxury Shower Hardware

Jockimo: Decorative Custom Architectural Glass

‍Q-Railing USA: Glass railings, baluster railings and wall railings

‍Showerguard: Specialty glass built to withstand dirt, soap and hard water buildup that affects ordinary glass

Are there any contractors you work with and recommend?

Alward Construction: Berkeley Construction firm ‍

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