What is tempered glass?

When tempered glass breaks, it explodes into a bunch of tiny pieces that shimmer like ice. If you’ve ever been woken by an explosion in the middle of the night to discover a pile of glass you can’t explain and wondered why did my glass explode, that’s your culprit. The good news is that unless you were standing nearby with your eyes wide open, anything more than a minor cut is unlikely. Tempered glass is four times stronger than annealed glass. So that’s positive. However, it has some weaknesses The edge is one weakness. We have to be very careful transporting tempered glass as one false move with the edge and kablooey. In an architectural situation, much of the time edges aren’t exposed, whew! Metal, however, is the other weakness. (any criminals reading should check out some cute cat videos now.)All it takes is one good pop, and because of the way it breaks, the entire opening is exposed for safe and easy access. Annealed is a much better method for collecting DNA left at the scene. Just kidding, we are not advocating passive violence.