Why don't you give quotes over the phone?

Accuracy. We need to make sure the product type, sizes and quantities all line up with what you've requested. Getting everything in writing allows you to double check what we've priced out. It will protect you from under-budgeting a job if there's a discrepancy. We will be bound to uphold written pricing for 30 days. Verbal quotes carry no obligation.

It can prevent delays to ordering as well. If you were to receive a quote over the phone, we would have to figure out who you talked to and what they have a record of quoting, then write it up before you can order.

Written quotes allow you to compare bids. We are transparent with our bids and always outline the materials to be used.

It may not even be possible to give you a quote over the phone. There are very few things we can quote off the top of our head. We will probably need to run some calculations or get quotes from our suppliers. It takes time. Be patient with us.